1. Getting medical help in Phuket

    I recently met a doctor in Phuket, who told me that it’s quite hard to get an ambulance to your place, if you’re outside the town, because the drivers don’t know how to find your new villa. …

  2. Hazelcast PHP Client Part I

    • 7th of April Hazelcast asks on Twitter which language should be next in the row for the client. Of course I can’t shut my mouth and voted for PHP. A minute later a question if I’d like to implement it. And how could I say no when all my 5 followers can see that?
    • 10th of April Hello world from the PHP client, still everything is hacked together in a simple script
    • 13th of April I started with the architecture of my implementation, wrote some stubs

  3. Welcome to Jekyll!

    Thanks to a friend, who happens to be a Ruby guru, I can now use jekyll to serve my pages. The instructions on the Jekyll page say: $ jekyll serve will build your site and watch changes. When I run it, I get some weird error: …

  4. Collecting server backups with my Pi

    I have two spare SSDs at home and wanted to do something useful with them. Now I can even do something useful with them together with my Raspberry Pi! …