Getting medical help in Phuket

I recently met a doctor in Phuket, who told me that it’s quite hard to get an ambulance to your place, if you’re outside the town, because the drivers don’t know how to find your new villa.

Another problem might be the language barrier: If you can’t speak Thai properly, you will have a hard time dealing with most of the locals when you want to do more than buy something. Heck, I have a hard time describing symptoms in English.

Apps for the rescue

So the problems are:

  • Unknown location
  • Low Thai foo
  • No emergency number at hand

The solution for these problems is of course an app which:

  • Determines and sends your location an emergency doctor of your choice
  • Sends a basic medical file with infos like drug incompatibilities or chronic diseases
  • Calls the doctor with the press of a button

Native or web toy?

Yeah… I’m more of a backend developer, so I have no idea about JS/HTML, but it’s still enough to implement a prototype with Cordova :D I guess that’s the way to go nowadays: Prototype your app with all the functionality in Cordova and then start implementing it natively. Your app is already online and helping people which buys you time to make it nice behind the scenes.

Open Source

Sure! As I’m a backend guy, everyone can see my script kiddie skills. Don’t laugh too hard ;-) Maybe someone even shows some mercy and gives me some hints how to make it better, which is one of reasons to open source stuff in the first place, right?

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